I'm thinking about buying a new computer soon once I get my next few paychecks and put money back up for it.

How good are these computers? I plan on getting the touch 3 or whatever it is for around $500.

I have a lenovo laptop, it's not even a gaming laptop and I can run CSGO at roughly 60FPS.

Only cost £299

I am a Toshiba fan but Lenovo is one of the highest ranked brands.

Had an old T60 years ago and it never had an issue other then a hard drive failure. They are also famous throughout businesses.

Damn I am looking to purchase a new laptop as well my screen broke having to use a damn computer screen in order to use my laptop

I've heard many good things about Lenovo, pretty sure they're one of the higher-up competitors in laptops. Heard they are dope for gaming.
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Lenovo desktops are great, I have 2004ish that is still kickin it.

If you have $700 get a acer gaming laptop, I will try to find the link, I love it!

Lenovo's are great computers. I recently purchased a new laptop from them and have no complaints about it.

Thanks for answering, everyone!

I'm starting to save my money as I start work tomorrow. I'm excited to buy one of these. :p

I never heard about lenovo computers, but give it a try.
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