What pet(s) do you currently have?
Which have you had in the past?

I've had countless pets throughout my family.

My first was a cat. My family got her around when I was born! Honestly, she was the best pet ever! She'd sleep with me every single night, wake up in the morning and walk with me to the bus stop, and even wait for me at the bus stop after school at the end of my driveway. She followed me around, too, since I walked to a lot of places living in the city. 

She died a few years ago naturally of age.

I've had literally countless dogs, currently two pitbulls. I remember 3 others, but honestly know there were more than that, LOL! We usually gave them away because they were bad honestly. 

I've also had a lizard (forget what it was called, was some type of lizard) that my Dad won at a fair years and years ago after spending a shit ton of money on this game. He died really quickly because we didn't have the right supplies to care for him (heat lamp, etc).

I had a guinea pig and a hamster as well! 

My family loves animals, and I usually do as well (sometimes they're annoying asf).

Back to the original question, what pets have you or do you have now?
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Seems like all your animals die ;0

Currently just have my little kitty cat

Currently I have two cat's and a kitten as well as a male pitbull. In my passed I've had another cat and two other pitbulls. One put down due to age (16 years old) the other from severe allergic reactions. The cat I use to have was literally a demon and knew nothing but attack. He died from kidney stones. I also use to have a small Gecko that I'm pretty sure one of my cat's killed after busting into it's cage after while of me owning it.

I've only had a turtle, and still have a turtle.
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I have 5 dogs. I want a cub.

I have had like 3 goldfish, and they all stayed alive for at least 6 months or more.

I have a cat and a dog.
cats are better
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Good to see other pet lovers :D I have 2 adult cats and one kitten. Just gave away three kittens as it's to much of a hassle to take care of...
My girlfriend has a German-Sheppard called Flash, love him to bits he's so cute :O I love dogs because they are so loving and friendly but cats are harder to gain trust from and I appreciate the process of bonding with them.
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I want a dog

Used to have a dog, but I have major allergies so we had to give him away :(

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