First video that ever made me cry...
This video is insanely well put together and I recommend you guys check out this YouTuber's other videos. He ends bullying, abuse, and much more. Really insanely good videos.

Basically, he gets submissions by people that include personal information in which he uses to threaten the abuser or bully. If you watch this I'm sure you'll understand. 

I cried when she was reading the letter from her kids...

Basically, a Mom was abusing her children and they contacted this guy explaining the situation. The kids can't be much older than 10...
The guy users her personal information to scare her into being a loving parent again. 

[Image: Untitled_1.png]

Holy fucking shit...
I watched the whole video and god damn the letter at the end.. I can feel my eyes tearing up, jesus fucking christ
I defo know who I'm binge watching today!

I already knew this YouTuber, he was even at risk of being banned one time.
Amazing guy, amazing concept, but not everyone understands. You need to know the backstory and have half a brain to get that what he's doing is amazing.

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