Vivaldi - A less known but great browser

As soon as I slap my new processor in and upgrade my ram I might be using Vivaldi I ran into it a month ago.

Love the video, haha. Might try it out. Google Chrome been a little buggy lately.
[Image: Untitled_1.png]

Downloading after school :)

Looks like a nice browser. I'll check it out later.
[Image: 51d1a1c201c30933fb8da1346aab6ef5.gif]

I am going to download this browser and thanks for showing us! This browser is unique , but the name of it kind of threw me off a bit. However, you cannot judge a book by it's cover.

Looks interesting, but I always prefer chrome. :D

I used it when it was in the beta process. It was pretty neat, I may end up using it again.

Actually looks pretty damn interesting!

(You might want to point out that this browser is much slower than the more common browsers.)
[Image: fyuAgEq.jpg]

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