Disk4mat Arrived
Hey there!

I want to introduct me here, if you're too lazy to read, that's fine too! 

You can call me Disk4mat, that's fair enough. (Or Max, let's see who'll spot it first Tongue) I'm from somewhere i dont know where from iam . 

I like motorcylces, music, gaming and being around with friends just as much as I like going to festivals. When it comes to motorcylces I'm a huge Harley Davidson fan. Recently, we had a biker meet up in town and there I found one of the best looking (and sounding, to be honest) motorcycles I've yet ever seen, picture below. Story about the picture will be in the spoiler, too, if anyone's interested. Warning, spoiler contains big picture

img for you
When it comes to music, I love to listen to metal, rock, electroswing, jazz and raggae. But metal is and will be my favourite. I'll post some songs in a spoiler that I like. Warning though, I mostly listen to black metal. So for those who do not like or know what black metal is you might not want to give it a shot unless you're open minded when it comes to music. 
Black Metal:

Alright, respect if you read till here haha. Thanks for reading and, if you'd like to, feel free to hit me up! I'll now take a look around the forum, see ya![/font][/size][/color]
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Welcome to night forums

Welcome to the forum Max. Hope you have a fantastic stay.

Welcome man! Stick around and enjoy the forum! !
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thank you for welcoming guys
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You need to fix your music sense.


Welcome to NightForums! Be sure to follow the rules and hmu if you need anything.

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