Free Spotify Premium

My friends running a website that has basically the same features as Spotify. It gets all of the song and album data from Spotify and streams it from Youtube. It allows you to create playlists, has artist radio, share links and much more.

You don't need an account just to listen, only to save playlists. :)

Top 50 is a bit broken atm but enjoy.

Checking it out now, looks dope man!
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(10-12-2016, 09:46 PM)Doodlegod Wrote: Checking it out now, looks dope man!
Yeah its fucking amazing, so glad he made this :)

That is amazing, if this could be turned into a apk or app I would be so happy! :D

Looks like a very interesting site, and I agree an APK version would be awesome!

Thanks for sharing this, could be really useful!

Wow! Thanks for this.

Thanks for sharing this, if you friend ever needs help with this project, send him my way!
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Not sure what you are trying to show man, the link doesn't send to a music website...
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Nice idea man! Looks very good.
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