NF Basic
In edit options you can now select our newest basic theme that may become default, it is not 100% finished so please if you like it use it and report bugs or things I may have forgotten below.

Let me give a first try at it .

I don't liked it . Its little not maintained . I want to see result after the completion .

It looks good but needs some work, like the red line going around users needs some padding at the top and bottom it almost hits the profile pics outer white border.

The thumbnails for category's need updated on NF Basic and NF Original, Cyber told me you guys are waiting just giving a heads up.'

Also @south on your profile it has this "Danger is very real but fear is a choice" that should be like below the userbar or something? or maybe the stars.

Will update this post if I find any bugs, and any cosmetic problems.

Edit: Just found a problem, when you click buy group in the footer it redirects you to index.php
Also were did all the awards go lol

Yeah, I'll keep the default on until that is completed. Looks good, though! Might test it to find some bugs for a bit.
[Image: Untitled_1.png]

at this stage basic theme is only suitable for test n bug reports
[Image: 2vN8kCk.png]

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