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Updates 10.28.2016
  • Thread tagging (similar to user tagging) has been added. - Use a # with a thread name beside of it to tag it, it'll automatically show up as a search.
  • Me and @South worked on a new theme in order for it to be easier on the eyes including fixing various bugs with it.
  • A new team member has been added (me).
  • Security enhancements.
  • Debates forum.
  • Minified stylesheets for speed improvement.

  • Multiple theme issues.
  • Grammar mistakes.
  • 'Invisible' line for staff members.

  • More security enhancements.
  • Minor theme adjustments.
  • Back-end improvements.
  • SEO improvements.
  • More features upon request.

If you notice a bug or would like to see something added let us know! :)

Loving this new theme, the blue feels nice on my eyes.

(10-29-2016, 03:48 AM)Silent Storm™ Wrote: Loving this new theme, the blue feels nice on my eyes.

I made the decision because the red was awful on my eyes on HD screens.

Theme looks better. Nicely done.

Theme looks dope. Glad to see that you're a great addition to the team - already making plays out here. Thank you.
[Image: Untitled_1.png]

New theme is great, nice job guys!

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