Battlefield 1
So what does everyone think of the new Battlefield game? Do you like the World War 1 setting or do you prefer a more current war setting?
I played the demo when it was out and it was great fun especially playing with friends. I still haven't got it as yet but I am hoping to get it for christmas which would be awesome. I've been watching a few videos of people playing BF1 and the maps and gameplay look amazing  Heart. A nice touch that they also included a mini (tiny in fact) gun although it looks so weird when you're running around with it  :D

I played the demo and it was dope - I could buy the game but am not sure if I'll play it much once COD 4 remastered comes along (soon!)
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Loads of my friends play it, but I never got around to it tbh xP
But I saw some funny gameplay of it, and it looks pretty dope!

BF1 looks amazing, want to get it on PS4 or XBOX though...
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