YouTube vs Spotify
So some people use YouTube to listen to music while others prefer to use Spotify. What is your personal preference? Why do you prefer whatever your preference is? I like to use to Spotify when I am in bed as the light from my phone can get annoying and YouTube are yet to allow us to keep our phone screen off whilst listening to a video. However I will use YouTube sometimes to listen to certain songs that aren't available on Spotify

I prefer Youtube, just because there are more songs tbh!
And I have internet access on my phone 24/7 + an app that allows me to close the youtube app! :)

Spotify by a mile

Apple music on my phone or spotify on my computer for sure

YouTube all the way. I have YouTube Red, so I can listen to music anytime and anywhere.

I use spotify on chromebook.

I use Spotify on my phone and PC. I really only watch YouTube on my TV late at night.
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Spotify, since swedish people created it ;)

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