Some drawings [I'm practicing]
What do you guys think of some of these? Any constructive criticism is GREATLY appreciated! :)
(I'm still REALLY new to drawing digital art, and never really drew on paper)

[Image: AUVryZn.jpg]
[Image: q7bwcPk.jpg]
[Image: SZR0ctR.jpg]
[Image: gXbXTCa.png]
[Image: BxWsP42.png]

Sketch of myself attempt Number 2
[Image: 1LjavAN.jpg]
[Image: 9uISvgy.jpg]
[Image: vEKUmTF.jpg]

surprised no one replied but damn dude those are some nice drawings!!

ice drawings op keep up the good work

Thanks guys! :) Appreciate the feedback! <3

Nice Rick! Keep it up!!!!
[Image: 68rGjlf.png]

Awesome drawings rick you are talented

Nice style, I'd recommend looking into Photoshop's Pen tool tutorials to clean up your lineart for a stronger looking final piece.
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Pretty good drawings! Better than I'd ever draw
[Image: ed3bTUn.gif]

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