Donald Trump Pizza
So it's Halloween today (Happy Halloween Everyone!). And Pizza Express in the UK have made the scariest pizza ever. And it features Donald Trumps face! It has ham, peppers, basil and several types of cheese. However it is only available at the Baker Street Pizza Express and is available as free samples only. Would you try it? And do you like the idea :P ?

[Image: trump_blog.ashx?hash=01E3F9773CC4B6ABC8C...460D&la=en]

LMFAOOOOO savages. Sounds nasty.

Haha jokes, it 's a cool concept. Not sure I'd eat it with Donald Trump's face on it loool.
[Image: 466bf1cb2c.jpg]

Ahahaha that's fucking hilarious xD

This pizza is why I eat pizzas alive to make them suffer.

lmao, i would so fuck that pizza :O.....

It looks nasty as fuck
[Image: 68rGjlf.png]

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