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Deep Web Right
so my question is the deep right like should it be removed because it was the internet once until criminals started to  use it I feel it should be removed.

I'm unsure about your statement. The "Deep Web" is accessible through Tor, it never once was available from the clearnet. It should remain active as it is because it is there to battle censorship.

Don't quite understand your question either :s
If you are talking about the "deep dark web" I think it should definitely stay up, because I mean yes there is A LOT of shit on there but I mean you can't just "Accidently" stumbled upon it.. You have to use Tor, and you HAVE to do a bit of research to find the type of website you are looking for! And like @Senpie said, it's here to help battle CensorShip!

Well necessarily the deep web is also more then just .onion sites... The deep web can also be classified as just about any website that is not indexed within search engines. So to your statement... No. That would mean removing all unindexed sites also to mention that even the onion sites aren't all crime/drug related. There are plenty of them that serve as communities, blogs and so on. When the topic is discussed among people all that's ever brought to light is all the horrible things that can be found but that is not all the "deep web" consists of. Also just saying if .onion sites and etc were all taken down do you really think it would stop criminal activity what so ever? No... They would just find a different medium for such.

I assume you're just talking about Tor here.

While it does have a lot of illegal content, it's also a platform for many entirely legal uses.
Think about whistleblowers, activists, and so on. It allows you to post whatever you want without the risk of being arrested.
It's a way to get ideas out there anonymously. And yes, that does also provide a way for criminals not to get caught, but that's not its primary function. Just read the Tor website, and I hope you'll understand what I mean here.

Tor as a platform battles very legitimate issues such as censorship , media only showing half the side of the story etc. The dark web originated for the purpose of sharing information, people learning about things that the media either censors or just says isn't true so the average sheep continues on without understanding both sides of the story.
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Criminals will use any platform from talking to each other in person to using internet communications aka everything is used by criminals, so by your logic everything should be banned.
This is basically where your entire falls apart, just like any other authoritarian argument.

I use TOR daily and to get a lot of information one must go deep

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