Software Updates
When your phone has a software update available, do you tend to install it straight away or do you just forget about it for a bit and just do it at a time when it's more convenient? I tend to update my phone straight away whenever an update comes out to make sure I have the latest bug fixes and security patches so that my phone can be as secure as it can be. 

Do updates on your phone take a long time? I have a Samsung and to be honest even the big updates don't take that long, maybe 15-20 mins at max

I usually check the update logs first.

I update it straight away as it is there for a reason, and that reason is to patch security holes and bugs that is within the software. :)

On my iPhone, It's still on iOS 7, I do not feel like changing them emojis and shit . Will make the phone ugly.

I still have android KITKAT4.4.2

I install the software update usually later the same day or the next day. I leave it overnight to complete itself.

If it's the phone operating system I tend to update as soon as possible because it's there for a good reason, as for app updates I might wait a few weeks just to make sure I get the most stable version.

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