Electoral College vs. Popular Vote
How do you feel about the electoral college in the United States and how virtually individual votes don't carry much weight if your state doesn't have many electoral votes to begin with? 


Popular vote, which would tally up every vote for each candidate and base the election solely off the highest vote of the people.

These definitions aren't verbatim so don't quote me but what are your thoughts?

The government runs the elections therefore they have the last say.

I feel that popular vote should be the only way to elect the president. As WE THE PEOPLE have the right to elect the president and vice president. And Cyber, the government only runs the elections because we let them.

I believe it should be popular vote as well but I can't see that happening in our lifetime unfortunately

Where I live, we already have popular vote for our ministers.
But honestly, the source of all this criticism of the electoral college is the fact that Donald Trump won which I thoroughly disagree with. Before his election, nobody complained. If a system truly does not function as it should, you don't wait with complaining about it until you didn't get what you wanted out of it.
People expected the electoral college to be in favor of Hillary Clinton, turns out it wasn't and now they complain. If Clinton had won, they'd be defending that system right now. Hypocrites.

I believe popular vote as well. I don't think it's fair some states are worth more than others, when the states worth less could be where a concentrated amount of the followers of one person could be. But then that's nullified when big boys like Texas, and California take like 15 votes.

Popular vote should be the vote that decides who becomes President as the president is a glorified representative of the people, so the people's vote should have a larger impact the electoral votes.
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I do not like Popular vote, nor do I like the Electoral College. If we were to go with the Popular Vote, candidates would simply go to the large states and only focus on them, however with the Electoral College, in the end your decision doesn't matter. Personally I feel we should incorporate the two.

Give each state 100 votes for the "Electoral College" and take the Popular Vote as a percentage. Say a state has 6 candidates with votes, and 4 million people in the state. 

For the Popular Votes, the results are the following: Candidate A gets 1,500,000 votes. Candidate B gets 750,000 votes. Candidate C gets 825,000 votes. Candidate D gets 50,500. E gets 150,500. F gets 724,000.

A = 37.5% =/= 37 votes
B = 18.75% =/= 19 votes
C = 20.625% =/= 21 votes
D = 1.2625% =/= 1 vote
E = 3.7625% =/= 4 votes
F = 18.1% =/= 18 votes
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Without the Electoral College just 5 metropolitan cities would decide the entire fate of the nation. Your vote would matter even less with popular vote because the electoral college at least makes it fair. It makes it so that the rural areas are listened to. True democracy doesn't come from a conflagration of cities controlling massive tracts of lands and people. With that said the Electoral College does need to be updated. There's absolutely no reasons the state of California should have 55 votes under it's belt. That's too much.

Popular vote would only work if people were properly informed about the voting process and the issues the candidates are working on. We'd also need honest candidates. At the moment it's easy too easy to deceive voters and distract them from the actual, practical changes each candidate wants. I think those things should be common knowledge among voters. The focus on scandals and the general attitude of distrust among candidates is toxic.

Popular vote is a nice idea on paper, and IMO would be a good method if it met those conditions. But it doesn't. So I don't know what the best method is.

Generally, I think that if you educate people well about the issues and possible solutions, then let them decide for themselves, most of them will make the right decision. I think the most important thing we can do is keep everyone informed.

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