Who has been the kindest to you in your life?
The kindest person has been my Uncle, lived with him and my grandmother for a year when I was a kid. We use to play table tennis, gamecube and warhammer haha. He bought me a ticket to Japan when he moved there and I stayed 3 weeks in Tokyo, best trip of my life :)

So who's been the kindest person in your life and why?
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I make people my besties, and when they are my besties, they should and expected to be the kindest people in my life. :)
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My family in general, Also, myself for putting mind towards achieving what I want.

My family of course, then my bestfriend.

My family,especially my mother.  Sadsmile

My grandma. In simple words, she's an extraordinary woman, and one of the main reasons I miss my hometown severely. She's done so much for my family and for everyone she's come across.

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