Junk Food
Campaigners have been trying for a long time to put limits on junk food or get it banned completely especially in schools. They believe that is is dangerous and too tempting especially for young children. Do you agree with them? Personally I think they should just sod off to be honest. I should have the choice to eat what I want. Why should someone else's opinion affect my life? I understand that they want us to have better lives medically but I think we should be able to look after ourselves without someone butting in trying to help

If they actually ban junk foods, idk what I'd do.

My view is that everyone has the right over their own body. So you can do as you please and consume as you want.

In my school, the teachers have repeatedly (falsely) accused me and my class of not eating at all because we preferred to eat outside, where it was calm and we could have a chat without having to yell at eachother, instead of in a crowded cafetaria. This seriously angered a few of us, and we honestly can't take the teachers seriously anymore because they were talking about how much eating disorders actually cost society and so on.

Personally, I believe that everyone has the right to decide what they do with their own body. I do, however, believe that this should be an educated decision so it is a school's job to teach children what foods are healthy and what foods aren't so that they can then decide for themselves. But to force your will on someone in any way is unacceptable and for teachers to try to do so in a free country is despicable.

People are to concerned on "fixing" other peoples ideologies. People have a right to feel and act they way they please, to be able to eat and do as they wish with their body. Main word being THEIR body.
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A slightly old thread I know.

History has shown us time and time again that limiting/banning something only makes it more prominent and desirable.
So I really don't think that would be the best route to take.

We can abuse junk food just like we can abuse alcohol or drugs and the key to managing it is education, not limitation.
Everyone needs to understand the proper way to eat for your body to not be slowly destroyed and then apply that knowledge to theirs and their children's lives.
Kids don't really understand that eating garbage food will ultimately wreck your insides, they just know that sugar is fucking delicious and their brains crave it.
So it is up to their parents to keep their diets and eating habits healthy until they are old enough to do it themselves.
It is perfectly acceptable to fear and admire a being you could not possibly understand.

Nothing will help until the parents are educated, the amount of people I know that feed their kids crap all day every day is astonishing. Hardly any fruit or vegetables, just chicken dippers and chips or crisps all day. I do think a reward system should be in place at schools, if a kid eats 5 fruit/veg a day they get a stamp for something positive.

Education re-vamp is an absolutely essential factor in the advancement of humankind.
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There shouldn't be fat nine year olds.
Yes there are some cases where illness, medication, or physical limitations can stop people from being physically active or having a proper diet, but there is no way that all those fat kids I see running around fall in to those groups.

Like you said, kids are being handed these super sugary easy to prepare foods that are just horrible for them.
Everything is fine in moderation, but moderation is a a word that most parents don't understand.
It is perfectly acceptable to fear and admire a being you could not possibly understand.

Yeah, something absolutely needs to be done about obesity, even if this isn't necessary the right path the take. The fact is that obesity kills people, and needs to be treated as the hazard that it is.

I absolutely support limiting and raising the prices on unhealthy food in schools, while simultaneously making healthier food more accessible to all people. Banning it altogether would be ridiculous, of course.

Education about maintaining health and nutrition definitely needs to be improved for both children and their parents.

Most sane people know the risks of what they eat on a daily basis. Everyone knows what they are in for when they eat something, or as a matter of fact do something. It is the not the responsibility of the government however, it is the responsibility of the people. These policies would be breaking any person's rights also, thus think of considering making a law that doesn't prohibit basic human rights of a person in the world.

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