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Jay here
Devourz recommend me to join here.

I am a ex-sbb member, though I turned into a shit poster there to be honest after it started to die.

I have changed a ton since SBB even though its only been a few days.
I moved on to another forum AF and have been working my **** off preventing XSS points, ect.
9577 the DF and SBB hacker attacked AF, somehow I managed to be on at the right time to see where the XSS points were and fix them.

I like to consider myself a MyBB developer though I don't make plugins. I make many core edits to MyBB its self, and have a understanding of PHP.
If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

(Gosh, I re-read that and I sound like a total script kiddy)

Welcome to the site Jay, happy to have you here :)

(11-04-2016, 01:15 AM)Devourz Wrote: Welcome to the site Jay, happy to have you here :)


Sounds like we are probably next for this attacker. Great. Welcome to the forum Jay.

Welcome Jay! If you need help involving the forums, don't hesitate to pm me.

Welcome to the forums man

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