Favorite game of all time?
What is the most amazing game you've ever played that like BLEW your mind?

Mine has to be God of war 3 on the PS3!
When I first bought this game, ohh myy god.. I was hooked for DAYS! Absolutely loved this game!

But what about you?

My first best experience was the elder scrolls, any of the game actually considering their strong RPG element.

Bethesda has always delivered fun open world rpg experience.

Based on the community - Overwatch

Based on the competitive side - COD

Based on overall chill community - GTA V

Cod Black Ops 2 Over all

Bioshock infinite absolutely blew my mind.

Best community is Minecraft.

Competitively is Cod4 or BO2.

All time favorite/most fun is Halo 3.

Some interesting game suggestions here guys :)

League of legends or CSGO, well I don't play so much games, I'm mostly in forums.

League of legends
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Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Probably Civilisation franchise, probably spent more time on those games than any other (WoW comes second).
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