Don't let anyone bring you down.
This song has helped me, Just say to yourself I AM, I'M ME..if anyone doesn't like it, fuck them!

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If you need assistance with anything, feel free to message me.

I am NOT a robot or am I?

I recently had to cut ties with a 'best friend' of 20 + years because she was negative all the time.  Now don't get me wrong I didn't just ditch her, I tried to help her, give her ideas and options but it was always thrown back in my face.  She always looked for an argument, every time we had a talk she would but in over me and start talking about how aweful her life is.  when i went over for a chat, usually it would involve tea and a chat, nope, no drink offered and she just sat playing her ps4, uttered 2 sentences to me about her week and then ignored me for 2 hours.  Well thanks a bunch I can see when I am not welcome.

So, after a massive bust up I said I had had enough of her attitude  and that was that.

She now avoids me like the plague.  I feel so bad , but she was the one that didnt want the help and I will not waste my energy on someone who wont take the help I offer.  People like that are called Energy Vampires. And I won't be associated with them.
Don't waste your time looking back, Your not going that way.

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