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Making awards clickable in your postbits.
Making awards clickable in your postbits. 
 I'm putting a simple tutorial together on how you can make the awards in your postbit clickable.
Open up inc/plugins/my_awards.php.

Find this line;

PHP Code:
$awards .= "<img src=\"uploads/awards/".$cawards[$key]['awimg']."\" alt=\"".$cawards[$key]['awname']."\" title=\"".$cawards[$key]['awname']."\" />"
Replace it with this; 

PHP Code:
$awards .= "<a href=\"myawards.php?awid=".$cawards[$key]['awid']."\" target=\"_blank\"><img src=\"uploads/awards/".$cawards[$key]['awimg']."\" alt=\"".$cawards[$key]['awname']."\" title=\"".$cawards[$key]['awname']."\" /></a>"
or with this 
Credit= @Sloth
PHP Code:
$awards .= "<a href=\"myawards.php?awid=".$cawards[$key]['id']."\" target=\"_blank\"><img src=\"uploads/awards/".$cawards[$key]['awimg']."\" alt=\"".$cawards[$key]['awname']."\" title=\"".$cawards[$key]['awname']."\" /></a>"
[Image: 2vN8kCk.png]

If you're going to copy and paste please change the wording. Good tutorial, though.

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