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What's your opinion on the current US politics/government? Honestly, I don't think this country will last Trump's first term. The US is and will eventually realize how moronic the current country politics are.

Hmm im not into politics but, whats the different between Hillary and Trump? Both are pieces of shit.
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(11-11-2016, 11:46 AM)Resize Wrote: Hmm im not into politics but, whats the different between Hillary and Trump? Both are pieces of shit.

You're right that both are pieces of shit, but there's still a major difference in the type of pieces of shit that they are.

Hillary Clinton is the type of piece of shit where you will never know what she did unless she had a major fuck up. She will rig foreign elections, say she believes one thing while she believes another (she said in her campaign she supported gay marriage, which was a complete and utter lie when you look at the leaks) and so on. Another "fun fact" is that she will actually drag her entire party into this habit of corruption and has done so in the past.
Donald Trump, on the other hand, is just plain ignorant and doesn't give a shit. The advantage of this over Hillary Clinton is that, since he is surrounded by people who do give a shit, he wouldn't be able to do as much damage since he won't be able to drag his whole party with him.

Apart from that, there's still the main points their parties stand for. Democrats are progressive and willing to accept new ideas, while republicans generally want to keep to tradition. An example of this is that democrats generally accept the LGBT community, while republicans would say they'll all go to Hell for not doing what God told them to.

Current US politics appears to be a right mess. I mean how did America ever come to the point of having to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?
It appears this stems from people not getting involved with the political parties.

Unfortunately, as I'm not very informed when it comes to the US government or US politics I cannot through in my opinion.

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