Morning Routine
What routine do you guys/girls follow in the morning? Here is how mine usually goes:
Wake up > Take a shower > Shave > Put cologne on > Check emails/messages > Drink a cup of coffee or water

Shower, coffee.

Then depending on what I have to do for the day, my schedule will alter.

Wake Up > Cereal > Coffee > Hygiene > School > Design > Work > Relax > Homework > Sleep > Repeat

Wake up > basic hygiene > coffee & some breakfast > get on the bus still half asleep > school > work > sleep >

Wake up > Coffee > Shower > Office.

I wake up at 5.50am, snooze to 6am. Get up get in the bathroom, wash my face, moisturise, deodorant, dry shampoo and then get dressed.

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I'll get up, go eat something for breakfast, do some basic hygiene things and get dressed, then it's off to work.

Mines shower, dry and style hair, cleanse and tone face, moisturize, light make up if I'm wearing any at all that day, perfume and lotion and then get dressed

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