What is your favorite brand?
What is your favorite brand and why?

I am not the type for style, however, I enjoy Aeropostale clothes a lot.

I prefer unbranded clothing. Cheap but often just as high quality.

Hollister do good stuff, but I usually go H&M haha.
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I prefer Max, Quality is awesome.

I just buy whatever I seen interesting, usually Gildan because they are the only ones who have 50% cotton and 50% polyester mix shirts in my area and I demand 50/50.

I don't really have a preference on brands.

Im not into the branding thing aswell, i buy what i think is nice and fits me well.

But i have a favorite brand when it comes to shirts and its Ralph Lauren. The best Shirts ever!
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Polo and Ambercrombie.

Ralph , Tommy Hilfiger and Jeff Banks are my personal favourites when it comes to brands of clothing.
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H&M's clothes are my favourite, as well as Topman.
If I had money I'd buy Supreme, Off White, Yeezy, and more. (Lowkey a hypebeast)

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