Dogs or Cats?
I prefer dogs as i grew up with one, and have had few in the past, I've never had a cat but i'm not against them, i quite like them actually :)

Dogs over cats any day.

I like cats, I had one 2 years ago.

I prefer cats, because they're complete assholes and don't even try to hide it. Being honest like that is important to me.

Never seen a LQ post from an Admin but I guess there is a first for everything. Anyways I prefer Dogs; they are just manly as fuck and boss as fuck. I think dogs are more of companions than cats because I feel I can count on my dog to help me rather than my cat who is just a fat lazy bitch.

I would choose the cat because they are so soft and nice to cuddle with LOL

Cats all day every day! Cat nation
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I choose dog because they're so cute.

Dogs obivously. Do I even have to explain
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Dogs. I cannot stand cats.

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