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Easy Twitter follower method
This is a good way to get followers on Twitter, the method is good for people who are looking to gain an audience in a certain niche.

First, you'd want to go on a big account under the same niche as you, and open up the followers tab.

Next, you want to copy paste this code into the console in your browser.

Follow command:
$(document).height());}else{ console.log(t.attr
("class")); t.trigger("click");}},100)

This command basically follows everyone on that page overtime. You want to leave this page open. (Twitter has a max you can follow over a certain amount of time, you may need to refresh every so often)

When you want to unfollow people, use this command.

Unfollow command:
$(document).height());}else{ console.log(t.attr
("class")); t.trigger("click");}},100)

Interesting, I've heard of people doing this before.

Thanks for the share.

Following example:

[Image: 1762821d678650c3230f21bb083173c4.gif]

Unfollowing Example:

[Image: f57193e919fbafa6b93449d6c4c5e09b.gif]

To those that do this you should always be careful because if you follow way more than are following because you risk your account being locked.

Overall, great share and it works like a charm!

Great share! is working well.
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