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What Happens after death?
What do you guys believe happens after death? personally, being a religious person I think that because jesus sacrificed his life for us on the cross, we are already saved there for there is no hell or "void" we enter a "world" which contains the souls of everything and everyone of emotional and sentimental value to us, where even if those people don't feel the same about us, we live in the beautiful ignorance of our own spiritual world.
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I believe in energy, so I guess our "soul" is redistributed to the cosmic and we reincarnate. Something like that.
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I believe in reincarnation, but my religion isn't allowed to believe in that. idk

Lets just wait and see, then we can make a post about it here again :P
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(11-15-2016, 04:21 PM)Resize Wrote: Lets just wait and see, then we can make a post about it here again :P

lol I would rep you again for that :P
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I think after death you'll be in ''firmament'' yeah.

You'll go to the next level.
So farm as much experience as you can in this life so you'll already be strong enough to take on the next one. :)

If you get my analogy and you understand what I mean by that, you're cool.
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I am not a religious person, but I do believe we are reincarnated as another person.

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