What should I get? Mac vs Razer
So I'm getting back into competitive gaming and I need something that will sustain streaming from a console but I also need it to be a laptop so I can use it for school too. I have a good price range (Under $2500).

I will be streaming, playing some games on it (mostly on my console though), and using photoshop and some after effects too.

For what I will be doing what do you recommend and which model? I personally think Razer is the better bang for the buck and in my opinion this would be my best bet although its not released yet and I do not know its prices.




What do you guys think?  :)

Razer, Mac has too many limits to software and games you can run on it.
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That Razer one looked insane, Razer without doubt
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You can do more with the Razer products, I'd suggest it.

Go with razer for gaming because when it's for gaming razor is best

Razer, easy for gaming
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Unless you are planning on making professional graphics, I suggest going with the Razer.

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