Best OS you ever used?
What was the best OS you have ever used or claimed to be the best?

I have used many ranging from windows 98 all the way up to windows 10 as well as Ubuntu and even had my hands on macs and other linux operating systems.

Personally Chrome OS is the best in my opinion, it is fast, simple and does the job and although a lot of services are web based Play Store should be coming out on update 55 which should be within the next few weeks which will open up a whole new world of support and capabilities for Chrome OS.

Everything I needed to do on Windows I can do on Chrome OS other then Photoshop however I heard Google and Adobe are working to bring photoshop to Chrome OS as well.

Chrome has also outsold mac recently and when Play Store releases into full production I feel Windows could be next.

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like kali linux but 400+ tools :3

Windows 7 is best IMO.

Keep those OS names going liking em

Main: Windows 10
Alt: Korora

Nice OS guys lol

I use lots and lots of OS's, besides from work, coding or such, just general lounging, windows 10 must be my favourite.

I haven't had the chance to use Wndows 10 yet, but I actually liked Win 8
(inb4 hate) 

I don't really care for Linux much

Become really accustomed to Kali recently and Windows 7 for work.
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