Best OS you ever used?
I like Windows 7, one of the best OSes Microsoft ever made. 8 and 10 just don't compare.

For me it still Windows, Windows 7.

Kali Linux

even though i have win10...i miss vista. it never gave me any problems. win10 on the otherhand....*

Windows XP were probably the best for me. At the time it was fantastic and, the feel of it was fantastic. I loved the startup sound and to hear it brings back a lot of memories for me.  I have a few laptops with it on, and I still like to go on them from time to time because of nostalgia reasons.

Work CentOS
Home Ubuntu


Windows 10.

Window 7 is the best one ever I've used. Currently I'm still using it, Window 7 64bits, for almost 5 years.

Windows 10.


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