FlatInk Thread Design | A little Redesigning!

I got a little bored, so I decided to re-design the thread design of another designer by the name of Mafia. (The watermark on his design should have made that painfully obvious.) Now what I want you to do is to answer a little question for me. Nothing big really, all I want you to answer is this; Did I improve the design, or make it worse? For those that don't get it, tell me which one his best, my version or the original.

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[Image: 1MgWGdy]

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I like your version compared to the original , It looks a lot cleaner in my opinion.
If you need assistance with anything, feel free to message me.

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Superb design, far prefer yours.
I also (on a side note) hate when designers are THAT OTT about watermarks ...

Your design looks far more modern, and seems to enforce the "FLATink" name.
Furthermore, it seems to flow far better, and is easier to follow and understand, which aids the overall look of userfriendliness.

Superb effort good sir, keep it up! :)
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Looks really cool. Your version is just as good. Excellent work I'd like to see your continued progress.

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