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Got a BJ before?
Anyone on here got BJ's by girls before? I like when they get down on ma dick yo lol #High

Well I've been with my gf for 3 years so... but I've never tried **** lol.
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**** is an abomination never fuck no!!!!!!!!

(11-20-2016, 05:56 PM)KillerSavage Wrote: **** is an abomination never fuck no!!!!!!!!

Joookes I agree though.
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I have.  It's nice.  :)

Yea it feels soo fucking good

So we have another Savage here nice

It's nice and you gets calm.

Yeah.. mom and dad were at work, I was bored. Me and this girl were talking for a month and decided to sneak her over. She came over with a skirt on and a short shirt and we hooked up for a bit and she went at it. I regret nothing  Hehe
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