My Third Eye Experiences

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People often mistake the concept of the third eye.  When I say that mine is open, it does not necessarily mean that I'm always reading people's thoughts (though I have in the past).  I'm going to provide some experiences in which might explain how the third eye is used.
I do not mind any negative feedback on this subject, of-course that's what I would expect from a lot of the community.  Although... I understand there are some open-minded individuals out there, and maybe even some who have their third eye also open.  Please do not be ignorant about this.  Post with sincerity.  I have spent a long time compiling this thread, and I expect to be respected.

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The earliest third eye experience I am able to remember is one from when I was ~7 years old.  I was sitting in my dining-room at an end chair nearest to the sliding-glass door (of which was right behind me).  I felt a presence behind me, I looked and I seen a head floating a few inches off of the deck, right behind the door like this:
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...except with much more detail.  I wasn't even scared until I told my grandma, who was on the other side of the table, and she told me if I kept looking at it, it would eat me.  There is more to the third eye then just seeing things visually, although.  Another trait of it would be that I would always seem to understand the exact meaning of what people were saying.  For instance: my dad would say something, like a request to get something from the store, and he would intend the inclusion of something else unmentioned of that request and I'd get it.  

I'm going to get to this sections bottom line... my dad was physically abuse and a cruel guy to me and my brother; we decided to do something about it eventually.  One night, when I was 13 and he was 15, we decided to move in with my mom.  So, when my dad went to sleep we ran away to move in with her.  Unfortunately, that night my brother went back with my dad as I stayed with my mom.  I smoked weed with her often...
I would smoke ~5 blunts per day with my mom and her boyfriend + room-mate... I was only 13, so you could imagine the psychological impact it would have.  I developed a psychosis until I eventually decided to stop (noticing the impact), and allowed it to clear up.  Cannabis stimulates the third eye, so my capacity in it grew to certain extents.  In a spiritual community, they might talk about 'spirit-guides' and such... I communicate with them just about every night, as well as with different beings in different planes of existence... also, as I've said, I've actually read thoughts before, and it's been confirmed.  Although my third eye has basically always been open (also, it runs some on boths sides of the family), I would consider this to be when it opened.

P.S. around this time, I had a vision of Jesus (his religious depictions are false, we're all the sons and daughters of God).

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Recently, I experience things like speaking with my spirit guides, a lot.  But... there's more to it than I've even mentioned so far.  I'm an initiate (spiritual conscious status), and I've pursued levels of awakening (higher realities).  I have found universal secrets.  As a result, I have been contacted by spiritual beings of that nature, as what many initiates would call 'rights of passage'... they contact me in-order to initiate me in different areas of understanding, based upon the tests I pass that my spirit guides guide me through.  An example of which: I was contacted by the Elohim a couple of weeks ago, (in a sort of half-asleep state of consciousness) who gave me information to my collective (I can't recall much of it), and when he finished I asked "What should I do?"... a spirit-guide then responded "you were just told what to do by God.".  Of-course, I understand the concept of 'God', and what is meant by this is an aspect of consciousness, and the Elohim are master creators, who even created us.  
I've had many experiences, which occur basically every night.  The most recent of the occurrences that I remember was the night before last (as last night I didn't have much communication to remember).  This occurrence spanned from my dream to the half-asleep conscious state when I woke up.  The dream had neurological data communication methods in it (analytically), which included information about alternate time-lines (in alternate universes) as well as information about my current rights of passage.  When I woke up, the beings were stressing to me about the importance of my growing on my abilities.  
Another type of communication I experience is with visuals.  They are likely prepared and directed by my spirit-guides... an example of which would be a few Nikola Tesla communications (expressions of aspects).  I seen him in a weird scene with obscure body structure be looking in one direction, and then turn his head towards me with an intellectual and serious face.  Another would be a dream that began which included intense visuals of geometric expression as well as verbals (the dream began so intense I woke up immediately).  
Another experience would be a flipped card, it flipped (in third eye view, strange to explain) to face me with its front... it had what I would call 'genius' concepts on it, and it related to a past life.
Another would be a green rock which had a green light radiating from it... a being was showing it to my third eye, covering and uncovering it as demonstration.
Another would be... I could only explain it.  An example: last night, a car was driving down my road, I didn't see it with my eyes, but I seen a light picture of it with my third eye (it was a tan van).
One experience I had is with a song... when I was falling asleep one night, a being was playing a song to me.

I could go on forever, I do not wish to spend much time doing this, so I will stop here.  If you have any questions you may PM me or even reply to the thread, I'll get back to you.

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Thanks for sharing your amazing experience, I hope you can learn to master this chakra and develop yourself through meditation. Peace man x
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THis is actually nice OP

(11-20-2016, 07:19 PM)Power Wrote: Thanks for sharing your amazing experience, I hope you can learn to master this chakra and develop yourself through meditation. Peace man x

This isn't the only chakra I use ;) 

Thanks!  :D

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