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Hey guys, I'm bulbasaur: The best pokemon ever!  :P

I found this forum from a discord message and I thought i would give it a shot. 

Looking forward to chat with you all!  Hehe

Welcome! I'm SlapThaBox, the best rapper on NightForums.
Feel free to post around! As you can see, me and a member named @Karulean had a little posting war.

Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay here. Feel free to ask questions
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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to NightForums my friend! :)
Be sure to read the rules HERE and don't forget to go HERE to claim the Thanks giving award! 
I hope you enjoy your stay here, and if you run into any issues just contact one of the Admins,  they are always helpful! :)

Welcome mate! enjoy the forum
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Welcome to the forum my frend.

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