Hello, This is Wolfie
Biography: Wolfie
Hello I am Wolfie. My real name is Olivia Green. I am 17. I am a professional modder on the Xbox 360. PM if you are willing to purchase a product from me. I have broken my leg three times. I play sports. The sports I play are, "Soccer, Softball, Volleyball". I also play cheerleading but some people call it a sport, some people call it a hobby/activity/club.

~Wolfie ♥
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Hello, Wolfie!

Welcome to NightForums Wolfie! Nice to meet you, first time I've heard anything about xbox modding in a looooong time!

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Welcome to the forum! :)

Hey @"Wolfie"‍
Welcome to NF!
Enjoy your stay here!
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Welcome to the forum!
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Welcome to the forums ! You can send me a PM if you need anything.
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Welcome aboard mate!

Welcome Wolfie! Good to know : I have broken my leg three time

Haha ^^

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