Why We May All Be Genius
This post is from my Facebook notes, but I figured some of you would be interested.
Perhaps I will share some more of my wisdom later.  :)

An indication of ‘genius’ may be defined as excellence in a field of knowledge.  

Of-course, it is a natural right to be a ‘genius’, and given the terms one may become a genius under circumstance of any expression they viably conduct.  It is based upon the intellectual-base perception of any given field of knowledge that establishes a notion of genius capacity.

[Image: 14716203_716866191797703_156918343098812...e=58BEEF66]The photo to the left is ‘Photo-A’.  

With Photo-A, we might understand the indication that Albert Einstein implies; genius capacity is merely limited by the self-perception of an individual, and so the individual may become a genius when certain aims of involvement allow them to excel through self-acceptance of their involvement with a field of knowledge.  

When one becomes a genius, through viable conditions of self-acceptance, they allow themselves to excel in a field through the mere acceptance in their capacity of it.  Through self-proportionality and in comparison with the field as a denominator.  

It is an evident fact that what we become is what we eat; what we feed our consciousness is what we become; what we are surrounded by is what we are.  We each have our own ‘universe’ within, as per perception of imaginative influence and volume of outlook to the universal reality we create.  We each have our own reality, of the same nature and in equivalence to each-other based upon the differentiation and unity combined with the aspect of each of our ‘universes’.  In other words, we are all divine, and by that we are all equivalent in divinity, and therefore we become what we choose to become, all is what is chosen to be created and as chosen to be perceived.  

[Image: 14705722_716869248464064_562452398668782...e=58C0A2A7]The photo to the left is ‘Photo-B’.

As what we might acknowledge as an indication of Photo-B; that a perceptively limited mind merely creates the differentiation of limited capacity, and therefore a perceptively unlimited mind creates the perception of unlimited capacity.  A mind is merely limited to its unique perception  of limitation, and therefore through a viable perception one might create the form of an unlimited capacity.  

Therefore, given the two circumstances, one might conclude that to become a genius they need to accept genius capacity, to allow themselves to grow in the waters and allow themselves to excel in a field of knowledge.  One is merely limited to how they think, of the capacity of limitation they think, and what they choose to surround them-selves with to subsequently become.  

A genius is created by creating self; one is a genius through the acceptance of individual essence in excellence and the procedure of excellence in a field of expression.  A genius is created through viable intellectual successions of self expression in a field of knowledge, therefore conducting excellence through acceptance.  

Now, one may conclude from all of this that any-one can be a genius, evidently through the nature of cause and effect, through the nature and fact that one becomes as they choose to perceive, and if they choose to perceive a field of knowledge in an accepted excellence, they become that.  

Now, anyone may be a genius.  :)

This is gonna take so long to read, but gonna give it a try.
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Now I know I'm a genius.

(11-23-2016, 04:30 PM)SlapThaBox Wrote: Now I know I'm a genius.

All of the great minds have come to recognize they are that which they choose to be...
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