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A really weird and not funny joke
I can't remember where I heard this but here it is
So one day the Pope, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Gaben and some random 18 year old pizza delivery guy went on a plane ride. During the flight, the engine of the plane failed to work and there were only 5 parachutes so the pilot came out and told everyone the news and said "I need to transport people more so I need to live" and jumped out the plane with a parachute bag. Donald Trump was next and said "I need to make America great again and build walls" and took a bag and jumped out. Bill Gates was next and took a parachute bag and said "The world needs me, I'm the smartest guy in the world" and jumped out. Gaben then grabbed a parachute and said "I need to give people more discounts so I need to live" and jumped out. Then there was only 2 people left and 1 parachute. The pope said to the delivery boy "You have a long life to live so you need to live, I'm pretty old anyways" but the delivery boy said "No need, Donald Trump didn't jump out with a parachute bag  :D.
:o :o :o :o :P :P :P :P Hehe Hehe Hehe  HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH SO FUNNY

Very weird.
But it is funny at the end.
"he didn't have a parachute bag"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH SO FUNNY! Donald Trump is probably more intelligent than you. Sad.

Brexit is probably the equivalent of the US 2016 Presidential Election.

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