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I'm fairly new to the community, but I'm trying to get somewhere on here I guess, I'm decent with graphics myself, I usually do signatures if you need one, I'm working on christmas signatures or you can request anything else, I'll give you some examples of my recent work:
[Image: 49uiCh.png]
[Image: oU5WFV.png]
This will be updated overtime with the work I make, contact me on discord if you are ever In need of anything... Yonkers#5004
[Image: hKJdHM.png]

Looks pretty good! But can you size down your signature :P
It's kinda really big. Haha. I'll message you.
[Image: ed3bTUn.gif]

Nice man, its good that you contribute to the community!
[Image: 68rGjlf.png]

I would like on with the crown on it and it to be resized.
Text: Wolfie
[Image: JtW4M9R.png]

Would be dope if you made me a signature. Don't have the time on my hands to design my own. I'll pm you the details
[Image: 4OSgUXa.png]

Vouch to this user! :)
[Image: ed3bTUn.gif]

user made me a sig, thanks
[Image: 4OSgUXa.png]

Could you make me signature?

Vouch for OP. Dope designs.

(11-25-2016, 09:15 PM)Na11 Wrote: Could you make me signature?

That's my job right?
[Image: hKJdHM.png]

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