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Hello Everyone!
Hey guys, @"LOL"‍ here.

Senpie invited me here (sorry I did put you as my referrer @"Senpai"‍). I checked the forum out and Nightforums impressed me. Some of you may know me from AF (Awesome Forums). 

A little about me: I sell and buy stuff. I love to contribute stuff. I'm almost 14 years old. I live in Canada and I am having a great life (so far).

EDIT: Ban Yonkers. I repiled to his thread - Thread. I gave him a nickname of "****" because that is what the thread is about. Yonkers negative repped me because he said I am following him, I don't even Yonkers. Help me Admins.
Hope to make some new friends here. Cheers. [Image: hehe!.png]
Thanks for checking my introduction!
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"Ban this person! Hope to make some new friends here."

Rep isn't important, don't worry about it. People can rate each other how they want--that's what the feature is for.

Anyway, welcome to the site, hope you get along here.

Welcome to the forums! Don't know how you have Night with 4 post, but hey. Welcome again.

Welcome to the forums
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Welcome. Read the rules and you should be fine.
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Welcome man. If you need anything PM me. Sorry to hear about your rep abuse, be active and I'll fix that for you.
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How u got Night with only 12 post :0

Anyways welcome to the forum. I might fix your rep once u get active

Bringing petty drama from AF to our forum won't be tolerated. I have cleaned up that thread. I suggest thinking before you act.

Welcome LOL, enjoy your stay on NF!

I gave you rep so you're neutral until you prove yourself otherwise, i believe in a fresh start.

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