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Your goals & projects as an artist
So, you--you people who make graphics, or draw, or write, or sing--what are you hoping to accomplish, art-wise? Working towards a career, or staying a hobbyist? Any skills you would like to improve? What steps are you taking to get there? Whatcha workin on?

Well, on other websites I make around 15$ a day from selling my work, I'm hoping to become full time as it does get me money quick and easy.
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Well graphic designers make signatures, avatars, etc and sell them. If they are really good, they can make a lot of money. A know a GFX artist who makes signatures for $60 and at least someone requests for 1 signature in a day, that is $60 right there.
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Doing my best to find a record label and sign in. If you hear Ben Leonard on the radio one day, know that is me my bros. I'll post my music here someday next month.
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I'm not an artist per-se I just like making graphics, usually for personal use. I guess one day I want to be able to make do minor work with graphics, but don't want to get majorly in to the field.

I would like to become a Game Designer but I will definitely need to get better
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My dream is to be an architect, design buildings, cars and so on.
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My specific goals vary, but as an overall field I'm certain that I want to go into character design, especially monsters and enemies. I don't know whether or not I'd be interested in taking commissions as a career, or if I'd rather have a real office with real hours. Currently, the latter sounds like a better fit for me, but hopefully I'll have the chance to better understand either path before I need to make a big decision. It'll be several years before I'm at that point.

Currently, I'm working on developing a fictional species and continent, which I would like to have ready for public release by the end of August next year.

Generally I'm always working to improve my anatomy and speed. I'd like to begin having a more dedicated schedule for art, and am starting to prioritize learning how to digitally paint.

I'm hoping to persue a career in the creative industry. Wether it be within digital art. Art and design or Web design.
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