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My Adventures [ Photos ]
Hello NightForums members,
 I've started taking photos that meant something to me or it just caught my attention i will be taking cool photos that i find amazing or anything in that matter below are some photos of what i have captured so far i will also take some scary risks i guess you may say.. The link to my album HERE

They're not publicly available.

(11-28-2016, 01:53 AM)[Cyber] SlapThaBox Wrote: They're not publicly available.

Exactly, why are you tricking us?

rip adventure :(
[Image: 4OSgUXa.png]

So sorry,
i Just noticed it now it is fixed :)

(11-28-2016, 09:14 PM)Adventure Wrote: So sorry,
i Just noticed it now it is fixed :)

Finally man! Don't do that to us. The adventure pictures are pretty solid abandoned area pictures. Basically urbex in a nutshell.

These are pretty nice and it's a sick idea. I'm going to start collecting images myself.

I somewhat want to start doing this. Hmm. :)

Very nice pictures lul :)

I would honestly love to see some wilderness pictures around your area, maybe some lakes, national forests, etc.

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