Best paid website hosts?
Should be self-explanatory.

Looking for best customer support, loose content policy, most space & databases, easy exports, cheapest, etc.

@Cyber can help you with this. Have you tried HostGator?

I haven't tried anything yet, want to make sure I have a good idea of what's out there and what I'm getting before I sign up for anything. Not very experienced in this area.

Currently I'm considering HostGator, Web Hosting Hub, GreenGeeks, and InMotion. Having the option to pay/renew monthly instead of yearly is a plus, but if the prices and features are reasonable for a 12-month host, I'll take it.

Use OVH if your looking to pay for a good one.

Specifically VPS:

Personally I like:

But commonly trusted/reliable ones can include:

Thank you guys for the recommendations!

On OVH: those prices are fantastic, especially for month-to-month. Biggest concern for it is customer support. Most negative reviews seem to be about this. I'm not an experienced user so good support is somewhat of a priority.
At face value it does seem like the best option, though.

HostGator seems alright, though month-to-month plan is a little steep. Nothing too unreasonable.
Haven't really looked into GoDaddy, but haven't heard great things about its web hosting.

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