Method of staff communication?
What's your way of communication on a forum/your forum? Skype is best for me.

I personally prefer Skype since it is a platform that can be managed with very well.

Skype, Kik, PMs.
If you are in need of any assistance please contact me via PM.

it all depends on what sort of community you are running, a lot of talks nowadays is done on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, however, I feel skype and discord are best.

If you require assistance don't hesitate to send me a direct message, alternatively, contact a member of staff or refer to our custom help documents. 

When I ran forums, I just used to have a staff section where people could talk.  My co admin I had on msn messenger at the time. And then later on on another forum we used facebook chat, if there was a problem.
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Myself and @Sir Twisted use Skype mostly.
I'd generally prefer to use Discord, which is where most of my generic chats are anyway. 

I also have used Slack for my own projects, which is a great alternative.
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