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Life without WIFI/Internet?
What do you think the world would be like if any form or internet never existed?
I'm guessing post apocalyptic :P
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I honestly can't say, because we have those things in our daily lives.
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Communication would be very difficult across the world? What if someone calls 911 and needs an ambulance? Well its going to take 10 minutes longer without wi-fi or internet because thats how most of our services communicate. Just imagine that.

I can't think of a world without internet, better die than not having internet
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MaxBill Wrote:I can't think of a world without internet, better die than not having internet

Not so long ago, we didn't have these things. We lived still.
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Horrible, as the internet give me so much to do that I would not really have anything to fill in time without it.
I like looking up interesting facts and without the internet, would have to go to the library and search for hours in books that are mostly filled with boring and uninteresting facts.

I can not image about that, maybe we will live as on the wild island :D

I remember a life not having internet when I was a kid.  Life seemed so much more simple back then.  I can understand having to have a cell phone of some kind but I there are times when it is okay to disconnect for a little while.  Especially if you go take a vacation....sometimes we need to take a break from technology as well.

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