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Cortex Networks: Hosts Cortex Hosts, brings the Consumer (You Guys), Exceptional Hosting Services, at Great Prices and were based right in Australia (The Land Down Under). 

Cortex Networks: Hosts is a proud Australian owned and operated business featuring a range of different products and services for individuals and businesses. At Cortex Hosts we believe that anyone can provide a product but not just anyone can provide the service that goes with it. That's why we have a 24/7 support service available and accessible to all of our customers any time of the day and night. 

We believe in quality over quantity that's why we try to have the best prices and the best customer service for our clients. At Cortex Hosts we believe that the client should be able to have the service they desire at a fair and reasonable price and not with all these hidden charges and extra fees we see from our service providers. 

Our Slogan - "Cortex at Your Service" - reflects our dedication that we have for our clients, each time a new client signs for a 12 month contract on a dedicated server we rack it within the 24 - 48 hour window enabling the client to get the most out of their budget and the most out of us. Backed by our great billing platform we are able to bill, deploy and service all of our clients with hassle free service, we can deploy, web hosting, VPS, and licenses within as little as 30 minutes depending on demand and deployment ques. 

With our collocation facilities and our Datacenters both domestically and internationally we are able to provide world leading service to our clients in state of the art facilities. We have Datacentres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth Australia and Facilities in North Carolina in the USA and around the world.

What We Offer:

1) Domains
2) SSL Certificates
3) Custom Website Seals
4) Shared Hosting - Linux
5) Shoutcast Radio Hosting
6) DDoS Protected VPS - Linux and Windows KVM
7) DDoS Protection for General Websites (HTTP Protection)
8) DDoS Protection for Minecraft and Game Servers (TCP Protection)
9) More Services coming soon!!!

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So why not come try out ""Cortex Hosts"" today, we guarantee you will not be dissapointed with our services. Come on guys, try Cortex Hosts Today. We need Customers, we only just opened, try us out today and Support us. We offer Quality Services and we guarantee you will not be disappointed in our services ;)

Question Time:

Question 1: Why should I buy your hosting services?

My Response:  You should pick Cortex Hosts, because we offer a Premium Services and we are Australian Owned and Operated in Australia (Queensland), we pride ourselves on how exceptional, and premium our services are. We also care about the Customer, that's why we offer DDoS Protection and security aswell, our services are a bit more higher priced then a cheaper alternatives on the market, the reason for this is because of our Security, Protection and premium services. So why not try Cortex Hosts today, we guarantee you will be satisfied and amazed with our services, come try us out Today!!

- If you have any Questions, then please don't hesitate to contact me, as i'm an Aussie and i do not Bite!!!!

Hello All, come try Cortex Hosts Today and support our new Hosting Company ;)

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