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PROMOTION: Cortex Hosts - FREE Giveaway (Shared Hosting)
Dear my Fellow Forum Authority Staff and Users,

[Image: Logo-Cortex.png]

Today, i am very happy to announce a Giveaway, from ""Cortex Hosts"". We are giving away 2 FREE Months on our Shared Hosting Plans ( Shared Hosting Plans Link --> ), to Promote our new Hosting Business ""Cortex Hosts"", for the First 15 Users or Staff to post here will get a Free Shared Hosting Plan with us, if your one of the First 15 People, then please Register and make an Account at ""Cortex Hosts"", do an order on any of the Shared Hosting plans but Do NOT pay and ill Verify and accept the order, please also post or PM me aswell. So who is up for a Free Giveaway guys ?

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[SIZE=5]--> PROMO Code: FAPromo <--[/size]

Side Note: When you Signup too this, you can Either Buy With Money (Not Free) an .com, .net Domain Etc.. Or you can get a Free Subdomain, such as - || Or you can Register these Domain (TLDs) at ""Cortex Hosts"" for Free, please see below:

- .tk
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PAYMENT TERMS: Yes this Shared Hosting is Free only for 2 MONTHS. then you can Either Cancel your Order or pay Month By month, its your Choice.

Also Guys, please don't forget to leave a Vouch or Review for Cortex Hosts aswell.


















Nice thing to giveaway, thanking you!
If you need assistance with anything, feel free to message me.

I am NOT a robot or am I?

@"Sir Twisted" - No worries at all and thank you for your Kind Words, and also supporting ""Cortex Hosts"" at your awesome forum aswell. I very much appreciate it, thank you once again.

Come on Everyone, theres still 15 Spots left in this Promotional Offer, im offering here at Forum Authority. Come Support ""Cortex Hosts"", and be apart of this amazing Promotion im offering Today!!!!

Come on guys, there is plenty more Vouch Spots left. So please enter this fantastic giveaway here at ForumAuthority Today and support my new Hosting Company ""Cortex Hosts"". Thank you everyone ;)

Bumping guys, why miss out on a Freebie!?
If you need assistance with anything, feel free to message me.

I am NOT a robot or am I?

Looks super, thanks for a superb host. Maybe I will take a vouch copy and test it out, and review the host from my perspective ;)
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