Indoor or Outdoor?
Are you an indoor or outdoor person? I'm both. I love both to be outside of the house and in. I've got things to do both in and out. So yeah, what about you?

Same, I am both. If my friends come over I will go out with them to hangout.
[Image: ed3bTUn.gif]

I used to be able to stay inside without doing anything. Nowadays if I don't get a walk in or something, I feel all cooped up and miserable. Happy to spend most of the day indoors, though.

I can be a bit of an extrovert so I enjoy the outside a lot but I do need to replenish that by being introverted for a few days and stay inside.

I like to be outside when the weather is nice.  This is mainly during the spring time or the fall time.  Usually during summer it's too hot and winter it's too cold.  When it's not nice outside then I'm strictly an indoor person.

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