Comfort Zone?
So recently I've been closed within myself. I've been so quiet and shy and it's not who I normally am, but I look around and see people doing simple things that involve no confidence whatsoever and I think to myself why can't I do something so simple if it were speaking to a stranger, asking a question, even asking the time! It seems like such a task to me, it takes me a lot just to speak... I think I can't escape my comfort zone as when I'm in it I'm so confident, shyness doesn't exist! I feel as there is two strong sides to me, I'd just like to merge the two and get rid of the shyness etc...
If you need assistance with anything, feel free to message me.

I am NOT a robot or am I?

you'll get there bud, chin up and walk with a smile - you might find that if you seem approachable someone will say hello to you, and that'll ease you and make things easier for you! :)
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