Big changes coming soon!
Greetings Authoritarians.

Over the next few weeks, I (Katos) will be working alongside @Sir Twisted to introduce updates for Forum Authority. So, what does that mean for you?

  1. Potential update to Xenforo forum software.
  2. Potential new plugins and extended features.
  3. Beta / early-access scheme (more details below).
  4. Extended security updates.
  5. Further improvements to speed delivery and global outreach.
  6. Extensive improvements of our affiliate and partnership program.
The move to Xenforo, and the early access scheme.
As we look to improve our backend systems, we are looking at branching into more sophisticated and modern technologies. A proposition that we have therefore come up with, is the potential move to Xenforo. (

With this, we would be looking to harbour a few beta testers to help give us feedback on the systems - including the software, the themes, the ease of use and the general set up that we adopt. So, here's my ideas for the early access:
  • Early access will be granted to those who the staff deem fit for the purpose.
  • Early access will be granted to accounts who are affiliated, or partnered, with Forum Authority.
  • Early access will not be granted to those who pester staff asking for a position.
  • Early access will be removed from accounts who share detaills such as login details for the beta access.
So, how are you deemed fit for the early access?
Well, if you're posting actively and trying to help make ForumAuthority a better place, then we haven't missed you, most likely, you'll be receiving your unique login details for the beta access once we're ready to move the general userbase over. Please note that since this *IS* beta access, things will change regularly and might not work perfectly.

The fight to secure FA.
Well! As I am sure you're all aware, in the past we've had some pestering attacks against our infrastructure. With myself taking on the technical administration role, we feel that we're quite welll locked down, and we continue to work tirelessly to secure personal information of user accounts.
We also liase with our host to ensure that patches are made regularly. This is another reason for our move to another software - so that we can make greature use of updated procedures and encryption for the privacy and protection of our members.

The affiliate program.
@Sir Twisted and I will be working hard to update our affiliate program, introducing shiny new features and further insight into our partnership scheme. We're hoping to offer more for our partners, so keep your eyes open for further details on this! ::) (maybe our early access users might see some stuff to do with this? *dun dun dunnnn!)

Last but not least
We'd like to thank you all for sticking with us as we continue our transition and improvements to the site, if you have any further suggestions or ideas - no matter how small, large, silly or whacky they might seem, we - the staff - urge you to please post them here: Click Me

Peace out, we're off to perform important updates to our servers.
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